Conjur set-up and usage of credentials in springboot app

Hi, I am new to CyberArk.currently we have some DB credentials in the properties file and being used in springboot app.
Kindly guide me how to use it in my application to store and get the credentials which later can be deployed in google cloud.

If any example i can get that will be realy grt.


Hi @ananta. Thanks for posting. I believe you’re asking about methods of consuming the credentials stored in Conjur. Here are some options:

  1. You can setup and use the Secretless Broker which will actually take over the responsibility of fetching secrets and establishing an authenticated connection. Your application can then just consume the local Secretless endpoint. See Using Secretless in Kubernetes · Secretless.
  2. You can use Summon. Summon can wrap your process and inject the credentials as environment variables. See Summon by cyberark.
  3. You can interact with the Conjur API directly in your own code. See How To Secure Secrets Within Your Java Application With an Open Source Secrets Management SDK - Conjur.

Hi @ananta,

Did you have any questions about the information in the links that @kumbirai provided? The concept is that a security administrator would set up a Conjur server as a credentials vault, and add your application credentials to Conjur, and then your application would be able to retrieve the credentials from Conjur at run-time using one of the three integration methods that @kumbirai described.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.