Is it possible to access to conjur db with a db client?

Hello there , for troubleshooting and personal knowledge I’m asking if is possible to access to the conjur db with an external database client like dbeaver .

I know how to connect into the local db from the container but making the connections from an external clietn would help to make some query and see visualoy what conjur write to the db tables in case of issue.

thanks for any suggestions

Hello @IamMatteoBisi,

I have not tried this personally but I don’t see any reason why a DB client wouldn’t work. You would just need to verify:

  • You have the Postgres credentials (unless POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD has been set to “trust”, which is the case with Conjur OSS quickstart)
  • The client has access to the port which Postgres is running on

If using the DAP appliance image, you may need to make some edits to the postgres client authentication config at /etc/postgresql/10/main/pg_hba.conf in order to trust connections from the client IP. See the PostgreSQL docs for more on this. I recommend proceeding with extreme caution as this affects the security of your instance.

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