Disable Auto Failover

Hi everyone, I have auto failover enabled in my Conjur environment. I need to disable it and switch to manual failover keeping the current master and standby configuration. I looked at the Conjur docs and did not find information on this. I would appreciate any help, thanks!

Hi @sonny,

We don’t currently have a documented method for removing auto failover. We’ve explored a few approaches but the demand is low and while possible via manual steps, the number of steps is large and an evoke command set to do this is really what is needed. Please submit an Enhancement Request for this if you haven’t already. Meanwhile, the quickest way to remove auto failover completely is to redeploy the containers from a backup.


Hi @Nate,

Thanks for the response. The goal is to disable auto fail-over temporary while performing Conjur server maintenance and re-enable it later. I have submitted an Enhancement Request. Thanks again!