Conjur OSS Failover cluster

Hi all,
I recently trying the oss version of conjur. Now if i want to deploy it on my production environment i need to know if it can be used in cluster mode, or just like failover modeto maintain availability.
Can conjur oss be config with 2 server for failover?
If it can then can you send me some tutorial or document on how to do it since all i can find is the failover for enterprise version of conjur.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @lysunda
Conjur OSS does not support the HA like the enterprise version.
See cyberark-conjur-enterprise-and-cyberark-conjur-open-source
However, you can set up Conjur OSS to have multiple replicas of the Conjur server in a Kubernetes cluster. See the conjur-oss-helm-chart for an example of this in Helm.

Hope this helps - Rob