DAP Reference architecture

There is a reference architecture diagram and in that, all three DAP Server (master and standbys) are in the same data center.
Q: What will happen if that entire DC is down? I’m not able to see any DAP server (Standby) on the 2nd DC ( ex: DR DC). Please let me know what will happen when the entire primary data center is down. Reference architecture: DAP Deployment Overview

Hey @nimal,

What will happen is you will no longer be able to write changes to Conjur. That includes rotating secrets, loading policy, and writing audit data. However, the followers located in the 2nd DC will continue to serve application requests for secrets while buffering audit data while it waits a Master to be alive or a Standby promoted to Master.

My recommendation and the best practice, despite it not being reflected in the DAP Deployment Overview architecture, would be to have a 3rd Standby (asynchronous) placed with the followers in the 2nd DC. This way, when the 1st DC goes down, the Standby will be promoted to Master based on Raft consensus.


Thanks, @joe.garcia …Appreciated

My customer is small to medium-sized and they wanted to secure only their Puppet environment at the moment. Already they are having Core PAS. Customer sensing that this involves more complex solutions since three are DAP servers, 4 Followers, and 2 synchronizers and load balancers for DAP and Followers (total 7 servers and LBs). Is this the minimum recommended deployment model for DAP? will there be any other alternatives used anywhere?

Also, my customer wanted to secure the DAP Keys (ncipher) I believe they need to procure 7 HSM licenses. is there any workaround to reduce the number of HSM client licenses?

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@joe.garcia don’t we need to have atleast two standbys running for the quorum rule to kickin and a master will be promoted.


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@nimal Please take a look at this thread where we talk in detail about encryption. There were some options mentioned by @nathan.whipple which could be useful for you. Thank you