DAP AMI size and recommendations

Hi All,
What are the sizing recommendations for DAP servers in AWS? Do we just pick m4 large template from AWS guidelines?
Also, what if the client wants to use their AMI image and not CyberArk DAP AMI image? Pros and cons please?
Thanks for your help!

We do recommend m4.large for minimum size when using the AAM-DAP AMI. That being said, there are no issues with a customer running their own base image instead of using the AMI if that is their preference. The image must meet the standard requirements we have for the host system however regarding memory, CPU, hard drive space, IPv4 and IPv6 support, and Docker version.

In some ways running a “gold image” AMI may be easier for an organization to handle patching and in-place DAP upgrades when new versions are released. The con here is that it is on the customer/partner to ensure that DAP is deployed correctly on the host each time that process is done. With the AMI, it is known that DAP has been deployed correctly and that the host is configured properly to support it. In the end it comes down to organizational preference.

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