Connect multiple servers using Cyberark with Single RSA Token

Hello Team,

Here is my requirement. We will log in to any Linux server using the cyberark with the RSA token. Using the RSA token, we connect to a single Linux node. I would like to automate 50 Linux nodes using a single RSA token connection. Is it possible? Can you please provide CyberArc API details?

Hi @frootima,

Can you please provide some more context around what you’re trying to do? Are you using Conjur with Kubernetes? What does your environment look like?

Thank you.

I am not using either conjur or Kubernetes.I am using PVWA .

This is my account:
When ever login into any linux node, we need to log through cyberarch. Each time, we are enter the RSA token.

Ah, understood. This forum is specifically for conjur and other open source projects. For questions about Password Vault, please reach out to technical support.