Conjur Timed Out

So my Conjur was running absolutely fine (I was able to authenticate) & I paused my VMs.
When I started it again, I keep on getting timeout. I have seen this issue happen 2-3 times.

I have tried docker restart, stop/start, host VM restart. Nothing seems to be working.

[user01@docker-host1 ~] docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 550f14a5cbd1 registry.tld/conjur-appliance:11.2.1 "/bin/keyctl sessi..." 22 hours ago Up 4 minutes dap1 [user01@docker-host1 ~] conjur authn login
Enter your username to log into Conjur: admin
Please enter your password (it will not be echoed):
error: Timed out connecting to server
[user01@docker-host1 ~]$