Conjur runs on docker, but only if docker is installed on linux?

So I know that linux is the preferred OS for docker, Im a linux engineer, I get it. Docker is designed to be OS agnostic though as long as you can install docker?

You can install docker on windows.

It fails on windows:

Reaching out to support I am updated it only runs on linux? Does this not negate the whole point of using docker?

Hi @Feed_me_Cookies (ps: awesome username :slight_smile: ),

Is there a specific Docker config that you’re using? I’m assuming DAP v10.10 from the screenshot too?

Edit: I noticed the other needed info was in the screenshot!


So before I get testing on this, from a cursory (and untested look) it seems like you’re using an unsupported version of your Window OS that does not support Hyper-V “LCOW” features. Your Storage Driver should include lcow (linux) in the listing to run this container as-is which is a decently new feature.

Some more info:

Can you check if this is the case and let us know how it goes if it is?

I will try find some time to get a new ISO and try that, I saw those serverfault links aswell when troubleshooting, its just, you cannot say that it works on any host that can run docker, the requirements on the docs need to be updated.
I will get back once I have found a newer ISO and had a chance to test this, atm as time is an issue Ive been forced to use centos.

Thank you for having a look though :slight_smile:

EDIT: downloading ISO now from MS

EDIT again: Im abandoning this as its not an official supported release so I cant use it in PROD, have to go centos

@Feed_me_Cookies any luck with this? @AndrewCopeland mentioned that he had it working on Windows and maybe he could help

allo allo how goes, ty for sending the stickers :slight_smile:
so currently the Co we are POC’ing DAP for has to go DAP cos they want the GUI cos the big H has GUI on free version.
so I am trying to get the image that was provided for us with a licence so that we can test the DAP and showcase it to the client as a blocker for H, which should be much easier imo as linux is not new to me XD

However I have a mail trail with Guy and Andres as the image provided is not working on a default docker install, I say its image, they say its system, we are in the midst of a back n forth and until I can actually see it working Im not going to be testing the windows (if I do at all as its for a banking sector it has to be a fully supported install which windows server 2016 does not seem to be [I cant install LCOW from github on a PROD system for a bank])

thank you for touching base though :+1:

Update: Andre for the WIN!

So on linux in order for the DAP container to run, as a prerequisite you have to have firewalld running. (yes makes sense as we forwarding ports but that can be handled by docker itself, so not that clear, have asked for online docs to be updated).

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll bring this up with the Docs team!