Binary File As Secret

Hello everyone,

I have a project requirement to store binary file content as secret in Conjur. I’ve seen some old posts in the forum to to encode it with base64 and gzip it before adding it to Conjur. Although this method works, I was wondering if there are other alternatives where the file content is stored as-is with not encoding/zipping involve. I appreciate any input.


Conjur does not natively support storing files. The only way to do this is to encode the contents of the file into a text format (such as base64) and store it as a secret.

Thanks for the reply.

Hi Sonny,

There is an enhancement request: (ER 000020024)

Maybe You could vote for this one and if we are lucky then CyberArk will implement this feature :slight_smile:

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Thanks Luckhass. I already voted for this, thanks!