Secure secrets in Bitbucket using DAP-Conjur

Hello Everyone - Does DAP/Conjur secures secrets stored in Bitbucket ? I would like to know if conjur can support in securing the secrets stored in Bit bucket version controller system, specifically around JWT authentication etc,


Hi @senko,

Can you please provide some more details about your setup and goals? Are you currently storing secrets in your BitBucket code repository, and you want to migrate them to Conjur?

Hey @szh …Thanks for the response. Yes it aligns with how we secure the secrets from the jobs within the Bitbucket itself.

So are you saying that you want to consume secrets from Conjur in Bitbucket pipelines?

Yes that is the question, and would like to know if JWT authentication is supported for Bitbucket (i guess it should, but confirming if anyone has ever tested this)

I don’t think we have anything official for this, but it may be helpful to see the guide for GitLab.
If you run into issues with that, feel free to post any questions here.