Windows - Summon Conjur Provider Path

I have a problem in use Summon with a non-standard path to conjur provider.

When I use provider path for example: “C:\Program Files\Cyberark Conjur\Summon\Providers\conjur”
provider interprets this patch as “C:\Program Files/Cyberark Conjur/Summon/Providers/C:\Program Files\Cyberark Conjur\Summon\Providers\conjur” which is absolutely mess up path


PS C:\Users\marcin.dzieciol> C:\Users\marcin.dzieciol\Downloads\summon.exe -p "C:\Program Files\Cyberark Conjur\Summon\Providers\conjur" --yaml 'pass: !var pass' powershell .\pass.ps1


CreateFile C:\Program Files/Cyberark Conjur/Summon/Providers/C:\Program Files\Cyberark Conjur\Summon\Providers\conjur: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

It seems to be a problem with the hardcoded path for the Windows version of the application.
Can you resolve a problem with a broken path? I need to use custom path in my infrastructure.

@mdzieciol would you mind reporting this in the Summon project? You can file an issue here.

If you’re unable to report in GitHub, I can add an issue for you and post the resolution back here - but the development team should be able to help you either by suggesting an alternate command syntax for you to use or by fixing a bug, if relevant.


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@mdzieciol I filed a bug in the Summon project for you here: