Windows ConjurCLI - Missing hostfactory commands?


Trying to create a hostfactory token using the Windows conjurcli - however from what I can see this command, well all hostfactory related commands, do not appear to be implemented.

Can someone confirm this and tell me if there are any plans to align the windows version of the conjurcli with that of the Docker/Gems versions?


Hi Paul,

I will forward this to our team and you will get a response from someone soon!

Hi Paul,

There are plans to add hostfactory command to the Conjur CLI.
The timeline for the delivery is not yet determined, we hope to update soon!

In general, we are defining the next CLI commands that will be included in the Conjur CLI.
If there are special requests from your side we will be happy to get your inputs, so we can take it into consideration.

Thank you for this question.