Problem with conjur cli hostfactory tokens create


By default conjur cli generate token for IP address and every attempt to use it ends with Error: 401 Unauthorized. means only the single IPv4 address of (because subnet mask is 32) so in new cli it is not possible to generate “token without specifying network cidr” and the documentation says something else: /cli-hostfactory.htm?tocpath=Developer%7CConjur%20CLI%7CConjur%20CLI%20command%20reference%7C_____10#Examplestocpath=Developer%7CConjur%20CLI%7CConjur%20CLI%20command%20reference%7C_____10#Examples

In addition, in Conjur gui shows the time but it is not known whether am or pm time


It looks like you’re using CLI version 8.0.0 or 8.0.1. This issue is fixed in 8.0.2 but in the meantime you can use --cidr "" to override the default IP list to an empty list. This is documented here.