Webpage monitoring

Hi Experts,

We need to validate which service is responsible for displaying the webpage for conjur, can anyone tell from the below services which is the one. As the load balancer routes this traffic and display a webpage so wondering to check that specific services.

Hey @Anushree -

Can you please share more information about what you are running, and the environment it’s running in? For example, is this a Docker container running on a VM, your local computer, or in a Docker Compose environment? Are you running Conjur or DAP? Do you know which version?


I’d be interested in knowing, as well. It’s odd that it’s listing the Docker daemon service with the Conjur service NEXT TO IT instead of inside it. It’s like somehow it got installed bare-metal in the EC2 instance. :thinking:

For Conjur webservice it’s nginx, for load balancer to monitor it send request : /health and receive string 200 OK should be good.

In case of cluster check for cluster status at the both of /health page.

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