Summon/ Summon-conjur for SOLARIS

We have some systems running on SUNOS (oracle solaris), do we have binaries of summon and summon-conjur for this platform available.

Currently we are facing issues in using them on the platform to validate the implementation.

Edit: The following post is outdated as we’ve released preliminary Solaris binaries of these two projects - see comment below this one for more info!

Hey @gautamkanithi,
Thank you for providing this feedback! As of now, we have not had any requests for Solaris platform as a target so we have not included it in the releases but it may not be overly difficult to do so so I opened an issue for it on GitHub. Given that summon and summon-conjur development cycles are pretty lengthy, I would suggest that you do not wait for the next release but build the artifacts yourself for the time being which should be relatively straightforward (though I do not have a Solaris system to verify these steps currently):

  • Install Golang v1.13 or higher on the system from here.
  • Clone the project repository from GitHub here and here on the target system
  • Build Summon:
    • Go into the cloned summon repository
    • Run go build -o summon -tags netgo -ldflags="-s -w -extldflags=-static" cmd/main.go
    • Binary will be the file named summon
  • Build Summon-conjur:
    • Go into the cloned summon-conjur repository
    • Summon-conjur: go build -o summon-conjur -tags netgo -ldflags="-s -w -extldflags=-static" cmd/main.go
    • Binary will be the file named summon-conjur

PS: You may need to install packages needed for compilation for the builds steps to work.

Let us know if this answers your question for now.


Hey @gautamkanithi,
I have good news here! I was able to build preliminary binaries of both summon and summon-conjur for you:

Try them out and let us know if they work for you.


Hi @sgnn7

Thank you for your prompt response, however there is an issue, the operating systems are different for us

Operating system: Solaris

Kernel: Sun OS 11.3 (Release 5.11)

Hardware platform: sun4v

Processor: Sparc

The current binaries are not working for us.

@gautamkanithi Ah, this is likely due to processor used - the built binaries are for amd64 CPU architectures and not sparc. I think in your case then it may be best to manually build those binaries but maybe we can try to see if we can do it natively as time permits.