Secure Conjur CLI session with PSM

Leverage AutoLogonSequencewithLogonAccount parameter to secure Admin Conjur CLI session with PSM. I faced issues while integrating Conjur CLI session with PSM as the prompts from Conjur CLI were not being detected as valid prompts by PSM system. Therefore, I figured out the following Authentication Sequence.

You can on-board a OS account (where Conjur CLI is installed) and Conjur Admin account to CyberArk and assign OS account as logon account to Conjur Admin account. Then insert the following prompt as value to the AutoLogonSequencewithLogonAccount parameter under Conjur CLI connection component. Conjur CLI connection component can be a copy of PSM-SSH.

[.@. ~]$ >read -s secret
[.@. ~]$ >{Password}
[.@. ~]$ >conjur init -u https://<conjur_address> -a <account_name> --ca-cert <cert_directory>/ca-chain.pem --force
[.@. ~]$ >conjur login -i {Username} -p $secret
[.@. ~]$ >unset secret

This may not be a perfect solution but it works and secure. I even checked the PSM text based recordings to see if the password is being captured but it does not. Please let me know if you figured out any better solution to secure Conjur CLI session with PSM. I could not see anything available in Marketplace either.