Password query without installing AAM provider

Hi all!

I am trying to accommodate a programmer who wants to run Powershell scripts on a couple of Windows servers; these scripts make use of Active Directory service account. Service account has been vaulted in Cyberark. Programmer is not allowed to store account’s password inside the script; instead his scripts have to make calls to PVWA. Installing AAM provided on his servers is not an option. I heard that it is possible to do the agentless setup so that Powershell script makes the calls to PVWA to retrieve the password. I am not familiar with this solution, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Hey @ylevenfeld, I’m looking for someone with more background to answer this. But I know DAP is an agentless credential provider that has a Powershell API. I’m just not positive about that PVWA integration. I’ll get you an answer ASAP though

You’re talking about our AAM Central Credential Provider that allows secure credential retrieval via REST API or SOAP calls.

You can read more about it here:|Offerings|_____3

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