OPM Issue - User is getting error while use PIMSU

User is getting OPM Error while using PIMSU. Attached the screenshot. Please advise.

$ pimsu -vu ****** -u root ‘/bin/bash -o vi’

Vault password is required in order to continue.

Vault password:

OPMAP048E [b7bb9827-4878-442d-977c-23ba22b996f9] Account retrieval from Vault failed (Error:A previous connection to the Vault failed. Administrative intervention is required to restore the connection to the Vault.)

$ hostname

Hi vinoth,
Was this password working previously? Did anything change before this error came up?

Thanks - Rob

The thing is in our environment from pbbroker to PIMUS migrated. So users are asked to use pimsu after migration. This is the recent change happened.