KubeCon/CNCF EU 2020

Any Conjur folks participating in KubeCon EU this week? & anything you’d recommend I check out?

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Hello @Barry, a few of us are attending virtually. @saravanant23, @chrissmith, what do you guys recommend?

Hi Barry,

Yes, I would be happy to share (from my end ) if you can provide what’s ur area of interest in KubeCon ?


Hi Barry, Not sure that we’ve messaged before, but same on my side let me know what your interests are and can be more specific. Some interesting user stories and perspectives. Chris

I’m fairly experienced with Conjur infrastructure (and integrating with Aqua), but am still fairly new at K8s. This is also my first KubeCon. The virtual format is very handy for the time diffs, and quick access to recorded sessions.
So, I’ve been watching out for Liz Rice (Aqua), and have stumbled across Spiffe/Spire (curious how it might fit with the Conjur K8s pieces). So found some interesting talks so far.
But are there some additional suggestions as well relevant to K8s security (and any most pertinent to Conjur) ?



Hi Barry, just catching up. Great to hear you have experience with Conjur and Aqua too. It was pretty decent for a virtual event – I mostly focused on the case examples – if you’re interested in scaling, I found the Autoscaling at scale: how we manage capacity at Zalando informative, and there was a Nokia case story about their migration from Mesos to K8s which had some high level architecture diagrams to compare. There was also some good content on the cloud security day (would have liked more),

@boazmichaely or @saravanant23 do you have some more Conjur focused sessions to recommend to Barry?