Jenkins fetch password from Conjur via HTTPS

Hi All,

setup below:

  1. HTTPS on nginx and reverse proxy (proxy_pass) back to conjur
  2. Jenkins grabbed the pem file from the Conjur https page
  3. Keytool import the pem file in Jenkins
  4. in Jenkins GUI, configure the Conjur Appliance URL as the https url (

but it shows below error:

when i use the http link of conjur (, it can show the correct password:

Any clue to look into? thx.



Hi @fwpsam,

I’m moving this post to #conjur, because #conjur:conjur-guides is for tutorials. I’m also working on finding someone to respond to your post. In the meantime, have you looked at our Conjur/Jenkins documentation?

Thanks Jake

I think the post can be deleted as when I do it all over again from scratch, it just works now. Thx

Sam Fok

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