Conjur OSS installation issue

Hi All,

We are learning Conjur, we set up conjur in AWS EC2 instance machine, by following the documentation.

We are seeing one issue.

OPENSSL container is failing, due to this we have issue to retrieve secrets from Jenkins.

does any one else faced this issue, if so please let me know how to resolve.


Hi Sai,

I am sorry to hear you are running into problems. Are you able to provide any logs from the openssl container?

In addition, we are planning on publishing a community repository in the upcoming week which will deploy a Conjur instance in ECS. Would this project be of interest to you?


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Hi Hartzi,

Please find the screen shots of issue.

PLease find the attached screen shots.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Sai,

Thanks for trying out the Conjur Quickstart.

What you’re seeing with the OpenSSL container is normal and expected. If you look at the STATUS column for that container, it says Exited (0) 13 seconds ago. In this case, an exit code of 0 means that the container has completed its task successfully. The task for the OpenSSL container is to create TLS public/private cert/keys for NGINX to use, and then exit. If you’d like further confirmation that this container was successful, you should see nginx.crt and nginx.key files created in your local conf/tls directory:

$ ls conf/tls
nginx.crt  nginx.key  tls.conf

Let’s see if we can dig deeper into why you’re not able to retrieve secrets. Are you following along with the step-by-step guide, and if so, can you tell me how far you’re getting?

Are you able to get to Step 6, i.e. are you able to connect to the Conjur server via the Conjur CLI container?

Are you able to create policy?

Once I can get an idea of how far you’re getting, I can probably offer more specific about things to look for.

Thank you,