Is there plans for a UI in the OSS version

Wondering if there is a huge difference between the OSS and the Enterprise version recently and basically the UI looks like one of the main features missing from the OSS version.

I haven’t heard of anything official, but could be wrong. @AndrewCopeland and I recently talked about maybe trying to make one as a side project. I can put some more details here when I have some. If you’d want to help, you’re more than welcome!

That would be a really cool project @Jake!

@qataloglm, nothing official about an OSS version of the UI, but there has been some discussion about doing. Most people don’t use it in production, but we do understand that it is an easier way to explore the product in the beginning.

Could you provide more detail about your use case for the UI for PM, @boazmichaely is the open source PM for Conjur.