Enable conjur ldap-sync


How can I enable ldap-sync? Is there any docs about that?.

Btw, I’ve configured LDAP authentication and authenticated with LDAP users successfully.
Aren’t ldap-sync and ldap authentication the same thing?

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Hello and thank you for your question!

Could you please provide some context/details about what is trying to be achieved?



I’m trying to enable ldap-sync and so I’m curious about how is it work? and how can I enable it?

Thank you, I understand you are interested in the ldap-sync functionality. You mentioned that you have “configured LDAP authentication and authenticated with LDAP users successfully.” Could you please describe an example workflow or scenario that you are trying to achieve beyond this? Some more details and context will better help me assist you with this.


Hi Samir,

Thank you for replying, yeap, I mentioned that I’ve configured LDAP authentication but I created the user manually and assinged LDAP group in conjur. Then, the user can authenticate conjur UI.
However I want to synchronize all users under LDAP OU with conjur, I don’t want to create users manually in conjur

Thank you for those details, I see what you mean now. The LDAP-Sync feature is not generally available (GA) at this time. To enable this functionality please contact your account executive who will be able to assist you further.

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