Conjur ssl cert deployment error: cert already in hash table

evoke ca import --force --key write.key --set write.pem
error: cert already in hash table

please help!

I have seen that error caused by two things:

  1. The cert is corrupted and is not installing properly
  2. You already have a cert installed and it isn’t letting you install another.

I have had to rebuild the container due to this if it is the second option.

Hi @vmaddirala. Thanks for posting. I was able to find an instance where this error was encountered before. I’ll share the solution below. Please give it a try and let us know.

This error can show up if

  1. The master certificate contains the root CA certificate in the bundle
  2. The root certificate has already been imported, since a cert with the hash would already be in the hash table

If this is the case then the resolution is to

  1. Move the intermediate certificate into the cert chain for the root ca and re-import it
  2. Remove the root and intermediate certificate from the master certificate file and that should successfully import