Conjur policy generation using terraform provider

To develop a custom terraform provider in order to generate a dynamic conjur policy based on the resources provided.So,I am trying to create a golang structure for a conjur policy so that I can develop a custom terraform provider.

But the problem is ,since the conjur policy has non-specific tags(like !,&) in it ,
I am facing error while trying to convert the policy to golang struct via online.

Also I have noticed the online yaml validators are not considering conjur policy as a valid yaml
For example:

- !user
  id: alice
- !policy
  id: myApp
  owner: !user alice

The above code is getting formatted when validated in YAMLlint

Any suggestions on how to get the golang structure of a conjur policy?

I have seen a reference in github for Conjurpolicy generation:

I am looking out for a similar thing to be done using golang.

@joe.garcia @izgerij @John Would love to get your insights on this.