Conjur OSS integration with kubernetes

Hi All,

I want to configure CyberArk with K8s for secret management.

I’m trying to integrate oss conjur in AKS cluster and followed this Url [conjur-oss 2.0.4 · papanito/conjure] and here in this i couldn’t understand few things,

  • What is ssl.hostname ? how to get from K8s cluster.

  • Do I need to ssh into controlplane and run all these docker related commands ?
    since I am configuring conjur in kubernetes by accessing via kubeconfig from my localsystem(laptop) and i cannot ssh into Master node.

  • “docker run --rm -it --entrypoint bash cyberark/conjur-cli:5” → Is this command needs to be executed in Master Node (Controlplane) ?

If I run above docker command then it will run from my localsystem, then how it make an connection with remote cluster where conjur is deployed

I sound stupid, but unable to sort it out.

Please someone help me in understanding these and please share any document/video which explains about oss conjur installation on K8s via Helm.

Hi Raghuram,

Please take a look at Conjur OSS. Also check the Notes for some comments retrieving the hostname.

Hope this helps - Rob