Conjur Jenkins credentials plugin understanding

Hi Team,

I am going through conjur jenkins credentials plugin code.
I am facing issues in understanding the code.

I understand its not a stand alone(main method) or web based application.

This code is called by jenkins, i wanted to understand where the execution starts from.

we have 4 packages in source code

these packages has multiple classes available.

so when i run my job where the execution starts from which class and from which method.

my job code is for example

withCredentials([conjurSecretCredential(credentialsId: 'docker/password', 
      variable: 'DOCKER_PASSWORD')]) {

when the above code starts running which java class and method gets invoked.


Hi Sravanthi,
I believe the plugin works by extending the api. Have
you looked at

Thanks - Rob

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Thanks for the response robert.

i want to confirm when i run jenkins job which class and method in jenkins credential plugin gets executed.

i mean in plugin code where the execution gets started from, like in stand alone java app my execution starts from main method, in this plugin code there should be some starting point as jenkins is invoking it.

thanks for guiding robert.

Hi Sravanthi,
The starting points would be when extended interfaces get called.
So it’s the extended interfaces themselves that are the starting points.

HTH - Rob