Conjur info page asking for authentication

Hi All,
I’ve just setup a new COnjur environment on rhel and trying to get Conjur info page. see below.
And getting “Authorization missing”. Though the /health and /info page do not require a token.
Any idea on what I’m missing here?

curl --location --request GET ‘https://conjurHost:8443/info’ -k
Authorization missing

Thank you,

Hi Lasantha,

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Are you using Conjur OSS (Open Source, see Get Conjur Open Source · CyberArk Conjur and GitHub - cyberark/conjur: CyberArk Conjur automatically secures secrets used by privileged users and machine identities) or Conjur Enterprise?

The /info endpoint is supported for Conjur Enterprise; however, it is not currently supported for Conjur OSS. If you use the curl command as you described with Conjur OSS, you will see an Authorization missing response.


Thank you for the response Dane.
This is my very first deployment. I’m using Conjur OSS. Got it from git clone

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@virajith ,

Thank you for the confirmation. Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the /info endpoint isn’t supported currently for the Conjur OSS edition.

If there’s anything else we can help you with regarding Conjur OSS, please don’t hesitate to ping us here in CyberArk Commons.