Conjur Follower set up - Why Port 5432 is not published at the container level?

Hello - While setting up the Conjur follower, using the below steps, the follower container does not publish the PostgreSQL port 5432 for replication. Although the followers replicate asynchronously, we would still need to publish port 5432 for replication, isn’t it ? I am curious why this port was not published unlike a asynchronous standby container ?

Or Does the evoke command dynamically opens port 5432 for replicating from Master ?

Please clarify


Docker by default allows outbound traffic without the need to port-forward. The Follower doesn’t allow inbound connections on this port and thus it is not port-forwarded.

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Thanks Samir. Appreciate the response -How does this differ from an ‘asynchronous standby’ that publishes port 5432 for replicating the PSQL database, except the fact the clients query the Followers ?

Is that because the async standy might have to be promoted to a leader at later level when both leader and primary standby fails ?

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Check out this blog post:

Data is replicated from master to standbys and followers using Postgres streaming replication

Standbys expose port 5432 for replication to followers after the standby is promoted, not for replicating from the primary. When container ports are exposed via docker ... --publish it is implied that they are open for inbound connections.

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Thank you, that helps.

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