Can any one help us how to integrate conjur with chef and gitlab

Hi All,

We understood that conjur can be integrated with Jenkins and andible.

But we need to achive conjur in integrating with Chef and Gitlab, can any one guide us please on this topic

Any suggestions from any one would help us.

Thanks in advance


You’ll want to use the open source tool we built called Summon: Summon by cyberark

See here for an example with chef: cybrsm-demos/CICD_demo/demo/chef_demo at main · jodyhuntatx/cybrsm-demos · GitHub

See here for an example with gitlab: cicd/gitlab/SecureDemo at master · quincycheng/cicd · GitHub




Thanks Jody.

For quick response. Have gone through the links but I didn’t get the information what I am looking for.

I would like to know how conjur can be integrated with Chef and git lab.

Just like we have conjur hpi (plugin) to integrate with Jenkins.

Do we have any thing similar, if we want to develop some thing new for Integrating conjur with Chef then how this can achieved.

Any documents for Integrating ??

Hello @saikrishna,

are you using Conjur open source or Enterprise?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have an official integration or plugin for Chef like we do for Jenkins, but you could get it to work (and many other tools and apps) via Summon, an open source tool we developed. The example GitHub links Jody posted above should should work for Chef and GitLab, I know others have had success.

Hope this helps!


Hi John,

can you please help us in guiding to develop a plugin.

lets say for gitlab we don’t have any plugin currently available(we want to develop this).

  1. what are the prerequisites to develop a plugin.
  2. which coding language is used to develop a new plugin (for any devops tool)

Any documentation is available for this or any template.

if you can provide this details, it would help us a lot.


Hi Sai,

I’ve responded on the other CyberArk Commons thread that you opened (Developing Plugins for gitlab to integrate with COnjur). I’d like to learn more about your use case, and whether the plugin that you’re interested in creating would be a an “external authentication and authorization provider”, as decribed here: GitLab authentication and authorization | GitLab? If so, I’d have to read up more on the Gitlab plugin API… but depending upon the language that that interface lends itself to, you may be able to use one of the Conjur API SDKs listed here (e.g. Java, Ruby, Go) to implement the Conjur side of the plugin: Conjur API | Official Documentation of the Conjur API. Another alternative may be to use Summon, as already suggested.