Ansible passing retrieved password to a play to log into machine

Hi guys,
I need some help in passing the password from Ansible plays.
I have configured the Conjur node and able to retrieve password from Ansible controller with lookup plugin with set_fact.
Now I need pass this password to the next play to log into a windows host. Does anyone knows how to do it.

Usually from the command like I use --ask-pass and enter password manually.


In the playbook’s task, add no_log: yes and it will suppress the entry from logs.

@joe.garcia I think the OP might be asking a different question.

@JGeorge_db you should be able to use add_host module to add a dynamic “new” host with the right connection details. You may be able to also modify an existing host inventory info with set_fact with ansible_ssh_pass but I don’t know for sure that will work.