Ansible Integration using Collections Error (OpenSSL::Cipher::CipherError)


So i am getting error when trying to use lookup plugin collection with more than 600 lookup plugin in 1 task and i have a random error like:

500 internal server error and CONJ00048I Authentication Error: #OpenSSL::Cipher:CipherError

I already check for conjur.identity and other configuration are valid.

Do you guys have any solution for this issue?

This is documented as a KBArticle on our Technical Community at Support Community.

Essentially, the CONJUR_DATA_KEY in your environment doesn’t match the one used to initialize your Conjur database.

Hi Joe,

But this error is very random appears when running 600 lookup plugin. How we can check and solve this?

Hi Chandra,

How did this get solved for you? I am getting the same issue.

Hi Dart Code,

I still can’t fix the problem and it’s giving me a headache.

Hi Chandra,

I am looking to solve this and will probably put a PR. Can you let me know more about the error on your side?
1.Does it happen only at high load or have you seen it with less load.
2. What is the load at which you are seeing this error?
3. When you see the error, is it blocking what you are doing and how have you worked around it?

Hi Dart Coder,

  1. High and less load, it depends on paralel or sequence when it calls more than 1 lookup on 1 playbook.
  2. more than 600 lookup on one playbook and more than 10 lookup on one playbook with paralel method
  3. For the mean time we rerun again the playbook and if we lucky the error is move to another lookup.