Alias for running conjur-quickstart


I’d like to share an alias that I wrote to quickly start a Conjur OSS cluster with “conjur-quickstart”.

This alias assumes that you already cloned the project (into ~/git/conjur-quickstart )

alias conjurqs=‘cd ~/git/conjur-quickstart &&
git pull &&
docker-compose pull &&
docker-compose run --no-deps --rm conjur data-key generate > data_key &&
export CONJUR_DATA_KEY="(< data_key)" && \ docker-compose up -d && \ sleep 3 && \ docker-compose exec conjur conjurctl account create myConjurAccount > admin_data && \ docker-compose exec client conjur init -u conjur -a myConjurAccount && \ admin_api_key=(cat admin_data | grep “API key for admin:” | sed -e “s/^API key for admin: //” | tr -d “\r”) &&
docker-compose exec client conjur authn login -u admin -p $admin_api_key’

Hope this makes your life a little easier :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing and contributing @orenbm!