Addressing Length of Safe Name limitations & Conjur Policy Name Space

When deploying DAP syncing secrets from Core PAS being the standard recommended by CyberArk.I wanted to see how we are addressing the limitation with the length of the safe name. Maximum length of the Safe name can be 28 characters. In a typical devops environment to ensure unique the length of the application names are usually longer. Any suggestions or idea if we want to store the secrets accessed by application with the same safe name used elsewhere in the pipeline . Conjur application policy name will not be a challenge as it does not have a length limitation.

@izgerij @nathan.whipple Any thoughts on this and idea so identification does not become a challenge?

Hi @sjohnkennedy, most customers are using a naming convention for safes that is either a unique AppID value or some form of abbreviated identification. Would one of those approaches work in your scenario?

  • Nate

@nathan.whipple Given the limitations I see this is the only way around it. I will explore the options. Thanks for your quick response

So, is there also a limitation to account object names? We’ve got some very verbose names…


Variable names are limited to 126 characters.|CyberArk%20Vault%20Synchronizer|_____14

Typically the username and password will be synced. I have not tested to increase the username to 127 characters and test it out

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