Terraform - Account onboarding to PAM on-premise


Just wanted to check here before we try to invent the wheel.

I would like to know what options are available to onboard accounts to PAM on-premise from terraform. The current Conjur Terraform plugin should be used for authn.

Ideally without write our own bash script to onboard the account. :slight_smile:

Would be neat to include summon with JWT in the mix but thats a next step

Interested to hear your idea’s

Hi @Raoul,

This forum is exclusively for Conjur and other open source projects. For PAM, please reach out to technical support. You can also try the CyberArk subreddit for community support.

It would involve using conjur to auth and retrieve the onboarding account. So still a conjur integration and Core PAS as target system to terraform. I could only find a conjur provider and not corepas one in terraform. Anyway, loving the gray area :grinning: