PGU - Plugin Generator Utility


I am looking to make a platform that will allow me to specify a script location, then on pass change run that script aswell as do the pass change.

I tried the PGU and fudged my way through, the docs clearly are not written for me, but in the end when I imported it, all that it did was change the pass, I could not even find where my special values I set were, and there was only 1 XD - ScriptLocation

Has anyone used the PGU successfully or have a nice video explaining?

In cookies I trust.

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I don’t have much experience with the PGU, but I’ve heard THIS doc is helpful. If you have anymore questions after that, it might be worthwhile to contact our support team.

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My understanding of PGU is that it basically creates the prompts/processes files for password changes via terminal.

If you’re still trying to trigger events based on password changes, the only way I’ve ever known of handling those were to get our CyberArk Extensions team involved. As @jake mentioned above, a support ticket can get that process started.


thanks thats the doc I was working from, for a CPM pligin that did the normal pass change but fired off a script aswell in the process, not as simple as that page makes it look to be, the descriptions of what each step/requirement is are very thin aswell, so a lot of guess work going on. I think as with most of the documentation a lot of knowledge and understanding is assumed.