PAS synced secrets

Hi, I have a quick question regarding the synchronisation of a dual account from within PAS to Conjur.
When the CPM rotates the password and marks the inactive password object active, via AAM CP or CCP using virtual name, the new active password object credentials would be retrieved.
I can’t see how this would work I a timely fashion in Conjur. I assume that the new active details would be sync’d during the next sync cycle rendering the secret in Conjur out of date and incorrect for the period between PAS rotation and the next sync.
Am I correct? Apart from reducing the sync frequency can anything be done? Even the minimum sync time of 1 minutes may be too long in critical use cases.

Thoughts and opinions would be most appreciated, many thanks

Hi @Pcotgrove, working with dual accounts takes care of exactly that scenario.
Conjur only keeps the active account’s credentials.
CPM rotates the inactive account (which isn’t synced to Conjur) and only after rotation this account will be synced to Conjur. When using dual accounts you can actually set the sync cycle to a longer period of time.
For more information on how dual accounts work in Conjur see: Manage Dual Accounts