Number of Account that Vault Synchroniser can sync from EPV to DAP

I see a limitation that Vault Synchronizer can sync only 15000 accounts from CyberArk EPV to Conjur per 1 LOB user. I wanted to find out if this limitation still exists in the latest version on DAP and if any of your encountered this in your implementation.

@nathan.whipple @jody.hunt I would appreciate your insights on this. Thanks

I’ve not heard of any changes in synchronizer limitations. Nate or his team would run into these limits before I would. I have forwarded your question to our product management team for their awareness & feedback.

Thanks @jody.hunt for the help

Hi @sjohnkennedy,

Yes, this limitation still exists. It is per LOB, so with all 10 LOBs you can sync up to 150000 secrets. Please note that if you set thesync_all_properties flag that the limits are impacted, reducing the number of secrets that can be sync’d to 6000 per LOB, for a total of 60000 secrets.

We architect around these limits and typically plan to “use” the capacity of one LOB before starting to use the next LOB. In effect, we manually distribute the secrets across the LOB users. We don’t currently have any customers that I’m aware of that are operating at or near these limits.

I hope that helps!


Thanks @nathan.whipple.

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