New python package to interact with Cyberark API : aiobastion

Hi Community !

I am please to share with you a new Python package to interact with Cyberark API : “aiobastion” (and i hope this is the right place to do it!)

This python package will hopefully help you to interact with Cyberark API in intuitive way and with a level of abstraction that allow you to spend more time on logic and less on documentation.
See examples here : Getting Started — aiobastion documentation

It’s fully asynchronous that mean that it can substantially speed up your functions : no more “don’t turn off this PC” post-it on screen with a long running powershell task running on your computer :smile:

It’s fully tested (with a 12.2 PVWA), and used in a production environnement in a french bank “La banque postale” for daily tasks so you can rely on it.
But the project is still young and we’d love to have feedback from users, suggestions of improvement or any kind of reviews.

You can find the source code here : labanquepostale/aiobastion: Framework for Cyberark API (
You can find the documentation here : Welcome to aiobastion’s documentation! — aiobastion documentation
You can find the python package here : aiobastion · PyPI

Feel free to open github issues or contact me for any question.

There’s still a lot of work to do but a lot of things can be done with this release.

Happy automation!


This is awesome! I’ve been looking for a Python-based package for customers to use to get started!

So now, we’ve got: