How you upgrade of CyberArk using Automation

I need some help to do upgrade of CyberArk using Automation, understand distributed vault architecture, CyberArk upgrade with clustered primary and dr vault, multiple cpms, pvwas and psms.
Ansible for orchestrating or automating the build of CyberArk components. (runbooks in Ansible).
Automate the vault build

Hello @reddel20 and welcome to CyberArk Commons. Sounds like you have a lot of questions and are looking for some documentation. First can you help us narrow things down a bit?

It sounds like you are mostly interested in CyberArk Enterprise support? If this is the case then you would get better results in CyberArk Technical community or a support ticket:

If you have a specific question about Conjur, open source, Labs Research, or general discussion we are happy to help.

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Hi @reddel20,

I think this will give you a lot of insight on the automation side.
You can use ansible playbook to install and setup cyberark components.

Regarding distibuted vaults, this link should give you some insight:

Let us know if you have any other questions.



Thank you so much that will help me also for any update. If you have any videos, pdf format guides too.