Follower installaion on Openshift, doubt on follower configuration script

HI, we are moving on on DAP installation on Openshift and everythig was right until we got an "exit 2 " error messages when the Follower configuration script was running.
Looking at the script we see it runs command:
copy_file_to_container $CONJUR_DATA_KEY “/opt/conjur/etc/conjur-data-key”
and an evoke configure follower command to be executed inside each Followers pod.
We’re wondering what’s the goal for this script and if it has to be executed everytime a pod restart.
Being a pod ephemeral, the effect of the evoke command should be lost at restart.

Hey @pferraglia. Your follower will need to run evoke configure follower on startup each time; the way that we recommend to do this is by setting the command for your follower container in the pod to:

command: ["/tmp/seedfile/"]

You can see this in the cyberark/kubernetes-conjur-deploy follower K8s manifest here.

The script is automatically injected into the follower container by the seedfetcher sidecar, and it contains:

set -euo pipefail

echo "DAP Seed Fetcher v$(cat /opt/dap-seedfetcher/VERSION)"

echo "Starting follower services..."
/bin/keyctl session - /sbin/my_init &
sleep 5

if [[ -f "$SEEDFILE_DIR/follower-seed.tar" ]]; then
    echo "Unpacking seed..."
    evoke unpack seed $SEEDFILE_DIR/follower-seed.tar

    echo "Configuring follower..."
    evoke configure follower


I hope this is helpful. If you have more detailed questions based on your specific use case, I’d suggest opening a Salesforce case to dig into those details.