CyberArk Labs at Black Hat Europe 2019

This year at Black Hat Europe 2019, CyberArk Labs will be presenting not one, but TWO open source tools during Black Hat Europe’s Tools Arsenal! @Asaf.H and @g0ku will be explaining how to use the tools, showing organizations how they can take advantage of them, and doing live demonstrations. It’s great to see CyberArk continuing to do big things in the open source community. If you are going to be at the conference, we’d love if you came by and checked them out!

Here are the tools:


“KubiScan is a tool that was created to search for risky Pods which contain a privileged service account tokens that can be used for privilege escalation or even compromising the cluster. It can also show you all the risky roles, rolebindings, users and privileged pods in the Kubernetes Cluster and other cool stuff.”


“zBang is an Active Directory Risk Assessment tool that alerts against five different Active Directory attack vectors: ACLight, Skeleton Key, SID History, Risky SPN, and Mystique.”
More info: zBang: Open Source Tool to Scan/Discover Privileged Acct Risks

Where and When

Both tools will be presented on
Thursday, December 5th, at 13:30
and more info can be found on the Black Hat site:

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