CyberArk Conjur Secret Fetcher GitHub Action - What is the host Id?

While going through the Github actions documentation, what is the hostid and workflow value as documented below ? Is ‘release’ just a placeholder value ?

- !policy
  id: github-apps
      - !group

      - &hosts
        - !host
          id: release
              authn-jwt/github/repository: my-repo/conjur-action
              authn-jwt/github/workflow: release

      - !grant
        role: !group
        members: *hosts

- !grant
  role: !group conjur/authn-jwt/github/apps
  member: !group github-apps

Thanks in Advance,

Nevermind !! Figured it out.

host id- any variable
workflow - actual name in main yaml file.

Also if folks run into any issues, the authenticator Id from the github code should exclude ‘authn-jwt’


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