Connect to Conjur EC2 instance

I’m just getting started with Conjur. I followed the instructions on the QuickStart to create a Conjur instance on EC2. It looks like it was successful, but I can’t connect to it. It appears the AMI that is used for Conjur has a different user name. I’ve tried

  • root
  • admin
  • ec2-user
  • conjuradmin
  • conjur
  • conjuruser

With most other EC2 instances the PEM/user name key is sufficient for for connecting. With this instance I’ve tried with/without the KEY and have used the password that I used during setup in CloudFormation. No luck.

Found the answer to my question. The Conjur EC2 AIM is using Centos linux and the ID to be used is “core”

Hi @Alcedes,
You are correct the user is core since we use Centos for the AMIs :slight_smile:. Let us know if you have other questions about it!

I’ll close this thread for now since you found the answer to your original question.


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