Conjur Rest API Body

As per the REST API docs, it is expecting the body of the authenticate endpoint as API key.

Should it be the plain text format or should it be in JSON format like { “host”:xxx,“x-amz-date”:“20220606T172150Z”,“x-amz-security-token”: “xxx”…}

if i pass the body in JSON format, i am getting error CONJ00018E Invalid or expired AWS headers: 403 forbidden

Hello @rramesh -
The authenticate endpoint expects the API key to be provided as plain text.


You’re using STS signed headers via our authn-iam integration, I assume. If that’s the case, the signed headers would be part of the body like the example here: authn-iam-ec2-demo/ at 125f2b04284fdd30d727413cbaa65d722677520a · infamousjoeg/authn-iam-ec2-demo · GitHub.