Conjur-OSS authentication fails in OpenShift Automation

Hi everyone,

I tried to deploy Conjur-OSS as POC in OpenShift environment, and it got deployed successfully. Using the Conjur blog Setting up Conjur on OpenShift - CyberArk Developer, I could successfully retrieve the access token through a manual process in the sample application.

But while trying to retrieve the access token through an automation method, I’m getting authentication issues while authenticating the Conjur server. I’ve used the conjur-default.pem ssl certificate for the configmap creation and in the demo application and did created the policy as well as mentioned in the blog. While checking the application pod I got below errors. what could be the issue here? Could someone help me on this please.

INFO: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.104088 main.go:20: CAKC048 Kubernetes Authenticator Client v0.26.0-15162e702dd starting up…
INFO: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.104117 configuration_factory.go:81: CAKC070 Chosen “authn-k8s” configuration
INFO: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.104135 authenticator_factory.go:31: CAKC075 Chosen “authn-k8s” flow
INFO: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.139343 authenticator.go:84: CAKC040 Authenticating as user ‘host/conjur/authn-k8s/demo/demo/service_account/demo-app’
ERROR: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.162821 authenticator.go:185: CAKC029 Received invalid response to certificate signing request. Reason: status code 401,
ERROR: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.162855 authenticator.go:271: CAKC015 Login failed
ERROR: 2023/09/27 14:22:36.162870 main.go:50: CAKC016 Failed to authenticate

Thank you for your time.

Hi @mugunthan - logs from your Conjur container may provide useful insight. Could provide the logs for the failing /inject_client_cert request?