AWS Authenticator through Java

Hello, I need some help from the group
I’ve used a java code on the below link for a PoV… but Im end up with an error

Im getting “CONJ00018E Invalid or expired AWS headers: 403 Forbidden error”

Also, I noticed when I’m trying to use the aws authenticator policy from the below link

Im not able to perform the third& final step on the above link

The error I got is as below :

I’ve enabled authenticator and restarted the service … Any help would be much appreciated here!!

I tried with this GitHub - AndrewCopeland/conjur-iam-api-key-java: Getting an api key used for authenticating using the IAM authenticator
and it’s working fine…


Check if the DAP container is able to communicate to the internet. I also got the same error and later found that our DAP container doesn’t have the proxy set to reach the internet.

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@vivekrautela thank you for jumping in. @nimal did this address the problem?

@nimal you can also try the below command from DAP host machine to check the connectivity.

docker exec <container_name> curl “’”

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