Secretless yaml manifest api

(posting this on behalf of a DAP customer)

Quick question: Is there any documentation I can reference to understand the API for the secretless.yaml file that is loaded by secretless for configuration? In our workshop, we configured an HTTP connector of type “generic_http”:

version: 2
connector: generic_http
listenOn: tcp://

However, the only documentation I could find regarding HTTP connectors – which I’ve referenced below – makes no mention of this being an available option:|Secretless%20Pattern|Service%20Connectors|HTTP|_____2

It would be extremely helpful to have the API for Secretless v2 so that I can be aware of all configuration options and possible values – without this proper configuration of Secretless is not possible, or forces me to spend a lot of time digging around in its source code.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  • Josh
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Hi Josh! I’m a member of the development team for secretless-broker, hopefully I can provide some assistance.

To start, I apologize for your difficulty finding appropriate documentation for your connectors. The site you linked hasn’t been updated to contain information on generic_http connectors yet, as it’s a fairly recent internal component, and I appreciate your bringing this to our attention.

In terms of documentation in the meantime, there’s a fairly thorough README (written by our awesome team member @Jonah) for the generic_http connector located here. There is more

I hope this is enough information for you to continue your work, but should you have any specific questions about your use case, I’m happy to answer them.

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Thanks @bradleyboutcher! I have relayed this info to the customer and asked them to join Discourse as well. Will let you know if there are any followups.

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@jgarabedian @bradleyboutcher This is a tremendous help, thank you! I’ll begin using this documentation as a resource and reach out again if I encounter any issues.

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